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Loading Assessment Data from a Provider Website

Loading Assessment Data from StudentInformation

User Roles

Instructional Sheets

Assigning Job Functions

Assigning Roles (Updated 08/12/2020)

Importing Assessment Scores from a File (Updated 09/29/2020)

Importing Assessment Scores from a Provider Website (Updated 09/28/2020)

Importing Assessment Scores from StudentInformation (Updated 10/01/2020)

Importing Assessment Scores from VirtualClassroom (Updated 10/01/2020)

Job Functions & Roles (Updated 08/12/2020)

Managing District Assessments

Managing Intervention Programs and Templates

Managing RIMPs (for Administrators)

Resolving Unmatched Students

Setting Up a District Trust (Updated 03/06/2020)

Setting Up District Assessments

Student Objectives


Adding Individual Students to an Intervention

Assessment Search

Creating RIMPs

DataMap Overview

Discipline Incidents on Student Roadmap

Graduation Points

Intervention Search

Multiple Measures

Student Roadmap

Student Search

Instructional Sheets

Adding an Individual Student to an Intervention

Adding Multiple Students to an Intervention

Adding RIMPS (Updated 03/06/2020)

Additional Intervention Tasks

Closing, Deleting, and Printing RIMPs (Updated 04/23/2020)

Editing RIMPS (Updated 03/06/2020)

Graduation Points

Job Functions & Roles (Updated 08/12/2020)

Managing Intervention Attachments (Updated 12/2/2019)

Multiple Measures (Updated 08/12/2020)


Overview (Updated 07/01/2020)

Student Objectives

Student Roadmap (Updated 10/05/2020)

Viewing Common Assessment Scores