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Your new Learning Centers are now available!

Parents/Guardians & Students and Staff now have new Learning Centers! Learning Centers are 24/7 online resources filled with helpful documentation, step-by-step articles, and video walkthroughs to answer questions about your Frontline ProgressBook applications.

Parents/Guardians & Students

If you are in ProgressBook, click Help in the top-right on any screen to view online help topics, or you can use the link below to go to the new Learning Center. (You do not have to log in to view this information.) If you have questions, please contact your district.

ProgressBook Parent & Student Learning Center


Access your new Learning Center by logging in to ProgressBook and clicking ? (Help icon) in the top-right on any screen. (Staff must be logged in to ProgressBook to access your Learning Center.) If you have questions, please contact your ProgressBook Administrator or your ITC.

Note: After the deployment of ProgressBook v22.0.0, information on this ProgressBook WebHelp site will no longer be updated.

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