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At Software Answers, we strive to follow coding best practices, implement the latest technology and methodologies, and use a variety of programming languages to ensure that ProgressBook enhances the student learning experience.

In addition to our own code, we use open-source code from the following providers:

Bootstrap v3.3.7, © mdo, fat.

Bouncy Castle v1.8.1, © 2013 Legion of the Bouncy Castle, Inc.

Castle Windsor v3.4.0, © 2004-2017 Castle Project, The Castle Team.

CKEditor v1.0.2, ©2014 Mobile Event Guide, Philipp Hansch.

DotNetZip v1.10.1, © 2006-2009 Microsoft Corporation, Dino Chiesa.

Elmah v1.2.2, © 2004 Atif Aziz.

FluentValidation v6.2.1.0, © Jeremy Skinner.

Google APIs v1.20.0, © Google.

Jqplot v1.0.8, © 2009-2013 Chris Leonello, Paul Pritchard.

jQuery v2.1.1, © 2018 The jQuery Foundation, JS Foundation.

Json.NET v9.0.1, © 2018 Newtonsoft.

Knockout.js v3.4.1, © Steven Sanderson, the Knockout.js Team, other contributors.

Log4Net v2.0.7, © 2004-2017 Apache Software Foundation.

Mozilla NSS v3.14, ©2005-2018 Mozilla and individual contributors.

Netscape Portable Runtime v4.9.6, ©2005-2018 Mozilla and individual contributors.

migratordotnet v0.9.0.28138, nick.hems, dkode8.

RestSharp v105.0.1, © Andrew Young, Pete Johanson.

SpecialPowers v2012.05.11, ©2010 Mozilla Foundation, Jesse Ruderman, Robert Sayre.

subprocess, ©2011 Jan Gerber.

Toastr v2.1.1, © 2012-2014 Hans Fjällemark, John Papa, Tim Ferrell.

WinSCP.NET v38.0, ©2000-2018, Martin Prikryl.

XULRunner v21, ©2005-2018 Mozilla and individual contributors.

ZEntityFramework Plus v1.6.4, © 2014-2017 ZZZ Projects, Inc.

© 2020 Frontline Education