Appendix: Parent Information

This appendix contains topics specifically for parents. Refer to the appropriate section as follows:

To create your ProgressBook account for yourself, see “Creating Parent Accounts.”

To add a child to your account, see “Adding a Child to Your Account.”

To change the order in which your children display, see “Reordering Children.”

To create a ProgressBook account for your child, see “Creating Student Accounts.”

To reset your child’s password, see “Resetting Your Child's Password.”

To edit your child’s contacts, see “Viewing or Editing Student Contacts.”

To view basic information associated with your child, see “Viewing Your Child’s Profile.”

For a description of the information you can see on your Home screen, see “Understanding the Home Screen.”

To learn how people without ProgressBook accounts (such as relatives or neighbors) can view a calendar of district and school events, see “Viewing the Public Calendar.”