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Granting Access to Activities and Resources (Updated 3/4/2019)


VirtualClassroom Overview

Creating a Course

Creating Online Quizzes


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Fill-in-the-Blank Drag & Drop



Math Problem

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Questions Tab Reorder/Compact View

Scrambling Questions

Creating Discussions

Assigning Activities to Students

Grading Activities

Interpreting Activity Results by Question

Uploading Student Resources

Course Collaboration

Guides/Instructional Sheets

VirtualClassroom Quick Reference Card (Updated 8/17/2019)

Assigning Activities to Students (Updated 8/22/2019)

Course Collaboration (Updated 8/22/2019)

Course Setup (Updated 8/22/2019)

Creating Discussion Activities (Updated 8/22/2019)

Creating Online Activities (Quizzes) (Updated 8/22/2019)

Embedding YouTube Videos (Updated 8/22/2019)

Grading Activities (Updated 8/22/2019)

Importing Premium Content (Updated 8/22/2019)

Interpreting Activity Results (Updated 8/22/2019)

Moderating Discussions (Updated 8/22/2019)

Overview Guide

ProgressBook Library (Updated 8/22/2019)

Recording Audio Resources (Updated 8/22/2019)

Social and Emotional Learning Standards

Unassigning and Deleting Activities (Updated 8/22/2019)

Uploading Student Resources to a Course (Updated 8/22/2019)

Uploading Student Resources to a Quiz (Updated 8/22/2019)

Uploading Student Resources to a Question (Updated 8/22/2019)

Uploading Student Resources to a Discussion (Updated 8/22/2019)

Connecting to Google Drive (Updated 8/22/2019)

Connecting to Microsoft OneDrive (Updated 8/22/2019)

Essay Questions (Updated 8/22/2019)

Fill-in-the-Blank Questions (Updated 10/05/2020)

Fill-in-the-Blank Drag & Drop Questions (Updated 8/22/2019)

Matching Questions (Updated 8/22/2019)

Math Problems (Updated 8/22/2019)

Multi-Answer Questions (Updated 8/22/2019)

Multiple Choice Questions (Updated 8/22/2019)

True/False Questions (Updated 8/22/2019)