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Back to School for Teachers (Updated 04/14/2021)

Back to School Extended Features (Updated 07/08/2020)

Assignment Banks

Assignment Details

Assignment Marks (Updated 04/14/2021)

Assignment Mark Import

Assignment Types


Class Groups

Class Notifications (Updated 03/31/2020)

Class Progress Report

Class Roster

Class Setup (Updated 01/02/2020)

Creating Lesson Plans (Updated 02/04/2020)

Creating Lesson Plan Templates (Updated 02/04/2020)

Daily Comments

Submitting Discipline Referrals

Excluding Lowest Marks

Getting Started with GradeBook for Teachers

GradeBook Grid QRC (Updated 07/08/2020)

GradeBook Teacher QRC

Grade Weights

Homework Assignments

Google Classroom Sync (Standards-Based)

Google Classroom Sync (Traditional)


Parent/Teacher Meeting Reports

ParentAccess Report Cards

Posting Class Information

Previewing and Scheduling Lesson Plans (Updated 02/04/2020)

Progress By Student

Resetting a Student's Password

Searching for Lesson Plans (Updated 02/04/2020)

Seating Chart (Updated 01/12/2021)

Set Up Assignment Preferences

Set Up Groups Within Classes Quick Reference Card

Setting Up a Standards-Based Class

Sharing GradeBook Access

Sharing Lesson Plans

Social and Emotional Learning Standards

Standards-Based Assignment Details and Assignment Marks

Standards-Based Calculation Methods

Standards-Based Grid (Updated 07/08/2020)

Standards-Based Report Cards

Student and Class Groups (Updated 12/2/2019)

Student Groups (Updated 12/2/2019)

Student Profile

Student Progress Report by Assessments

Traditional Calculation Methods

Traditional Report Card Entry

Transferring Student Marks

Undoing Marks Changes

Viewing Student Status Code (Updated 10/05/2020)


GradeBook Overview

Adding Assignments

Assignment Banks

Assignment Mark Import

Assignment Types


Class Information Page

Class Roster

Creating Lesson Plans

Exclude Lowest Mark

Google Classroom Sync

Google Classroom Sync: Standards-Based

GradeBook Grid

Grouping Classes Together

Grading Assignments

Parent/Teaching Meeting Reports

Progress By Student: Creating an Assignment with Multiple Assessments

Post Homework to ParentAccess

Seating Chart (NEW for Summer 2020)

Setting Up Lesson Plan Sharing

Standards-Based Assignment Details & Marks

Standards-Based Grid

Student Profile

Teacher Preferences

Undoing Mark Entry Changes

Weighted Assignments

Training Guides and Instructional Sheets

Adding DataMap Assessments to Report Cards

Creating a GradeBook Staff Member (Updated 10/05/2020)

Displaying Student Status Code (Updated 10/05/2020)

Google Classroom Sync Requirements

HB410 Attendance Hours Checklist

HB410 Attendance Hours Guide

Set Up Required Homerooms


Adding DataMap Assessments to Report Cards

Creating a GradeBook Staff Account

Display Student Status Codes in GradeBook

Require Homerooms for Daily Attendance

Training Guides and Instructional Sheets

Adding ParentAccess Alerts (Updated 08/13/2020)

Create Registration Keys

Enable Google OAuth Sign-In

ParentAccess Account Import Errors and Warnings

Page-Level Security (Updated 08/11/2020)

Reset Student Password


Enable Google OAuth

Import Student Accounts Using CSV

Import Student Accounts Using StudentInformation