Set Display Preferences on the GradeBook Grid

You can customize the display of information on the GradeBook Grid at any time by changing the display preferences. You can set different preferences for each of your classes.

1.At the top of the GradeBook Grid screen, from the Class drop-down list, select the desired class.

2.At the top right of the screen, click gear_icon00052.png.

The Grid Display Preferences window opens.

3.The following settings are turned on (toggle_on.png) by default, so click the toggle to turn it off (toggle_off.png) as desired for the following options:


YTD Average (if Year to Date grade calculations are enabled for the report card used in the class)

Missing assignments


Daily Comments

Assignment Names

4.Enter or select the desired option for the following items:

Assignments per page

Default View (dated or floating assignments)

Default Type (all or individual assignment types)

Default Page (First Page, Last Assignment Due, or Last Page)

5.Click Save Preferences



The screen refreshes automatically and your preferences are applied.